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The fastest way to get actionable insights from your database just by asking questions

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Whitepaper: How to get high SQL accuracy rates using AI

TLDR: It all has to do with the training data you give it, which is what Vanna AI helps with.

"Why use AI to chat with your database in the first place? To start, it allows you spend less time writing SQL and more time generating insights on your data. You no longer have to be an expert in SQL to get information from the database. And if you are an expert, save some time writing a query when you can just ask for it. In fact, everyone benefits by being able to ask the database about business questions and getting the answer; have Vanna find the relevant tables and columns across your data estate."

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Brian Spendolini
Senior Product Manager, Azure SQL Database


Why Vanna.AI?


The Vanna Python package and the various frontend integrations are all open-source. You can run Vanna on your own infrastructure.

High accuracy on complex datasets

Vanna’s capabilities are tied to the training data you give it. More training data means better accuracy for large and complex datasets.

Designed for security

Your database contents are never sent to the LLM unless you specifically enable features that require it. The metadata storage layer only sees schemas, documentation, and queries.

Self learning

As you use Vanna more, your model continuously improves as we augment your training data.

Supports many databases

We have out-of-the-box support Snowflake , BigQuery, Postgres, and many others. You can easily make a connector for any database.

Choose your front end

Start in a Jupyter Notebook. Expose to business users via Slackbot, web app, Streamlit app, any other frontend. Even integrate in your web app for customers.


The core Vanna package is open-source and configurable.
We offer hosted components and enterprise services.

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The fastest way to get insights from your database just by asking questions

Enterprise customization.

Many large enterprises need customization in deployment. Vanna is open-source so you can do this yourself. If you need help, contact us and we'll connect you with experienced developers.

  • Any LLM
We can connect you with developers who can help you deploy
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